Betty Joined FuckBook This Friday

Well, she did join fuckbook but I think her name is not Betty afterall.. More like boobolilcious deep sucking monster. Seriously, give this gal a 1/4″ hose and a baseball and she will suck it right through it – thats the blowjob power she has. A real beast. Hairy pussy, really tight one and a fantastic blow jobs!

Enjoy the FuckBook pics:


I love her boobies.. she looks like a busty milf but just with an age of 20. Imho, this one was my best hookup on fuckbook. She was so horny I could not keep up, seriously, who would be able to fuck that girlfriend cunt 4 times in a row without blue pill? Lexxe Steel?

Nah, I just had her pink bra asshole poked!


Thats the pic she sent me, lusty cunt. Nice C+ boobs thought. You should see the pussy though!

Ahh, here is the next shot with that one.



See the bush? 😀 Love hairy pussies on those girls…  and this one was really tight and really sweet – you know, you touch her and she gets all wet… you can see that through her panties, no BS!

Anyway, the deed is done – fucked this girlfriend, time to ditch and move on to the next one… perhaps a blonde thing with a small tits and tight bald pyssy!

Stay tuned for next member portfolios from FuckBook!



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